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28.03.2023 PHP Compatibility - Compatibility check

Checking the compatibility of the code with the PHP version

03.04.2022 PostgreSQL - useful commands

Top useful commands for working with PostgreSQL

17.03.2022 Docker - Launching a container with an Ubuntu image and useful commands

Getting and starting the first image and a set of useful commands for working with Docker.

02.03.2022 Configuring Xdebug in PhpStorm

Installing the Xdebug extension in the PhpStorm IDE and configuring it for use on the example of the installed php7.4

22.02.2022 Installing MySQL 5.7 in Ubuntu 20.04 and configuring for Bitrix

Installing the recommended 1C-Bitrix version of the MySQL 5.7 DBMS on Linux Ubuntu OS version 20.04 LTS and setting the optimal settings

05.02.2022 Nginx proxy config for jar project

An example of using the nginx web server as a proxy server for issuing local resources and proxying requests to a running jar application

19.01.2022 Deploying Jar on Linux-server with Nginx

Hosting java application as jar file and running on server behind nginx web server

21.12.2021 Frequent queries to the MySQL DBMS

A set of popular queries for creating a base, user, etc.

03.12.2021 Self-signed SSL certificate for nginx

Create Self Signed SSL Certificate and Install it in Nginx Web Server

23.11.2021 Sending data from linux to linux via rsync

Examples of transferring data between two servers on linux using the rsync program

09.11.2021 Ubuntu 20.04 MySQL 8 - config for Bitrix

An example of ready-made settings for MySQL version 8 DBMS for Bitrix on Ubuntu 20.04

29.10.2021 Upgrading the desktop version of Linux Kubuntu

Full update of the desktop version of the Linux distribution Kubuntu

13.10.2021 Bitrix component as a class

Using object class.php instead of the traditional component.php at the root of your component.

27.09.2021 Certbot Let's encrypt Nginx Ubuntu

Certbot Давайте зашифруем Nginx Ubuntu/Debian

02.09.2021 LEMP server on Ubuntu 20.04

Installing a web server on Linux Nginx Mysql Php on Ubuntu 20.04

01.08.2021 Битрикс и Eloquent

Using powerful Eloquent ORM in 1C-Bitrix

19.07.2021 Composer

Installing, updating, deleting project packages and installing composer

06.07.2021 Testing mail via telnet

An example of connecting to a mail server and executing a series of commands to send a letter via telnet.

01.07.2021 Letsencrypt Certbot Apache Ubuntu

Installing and configuring "certbot", obtaining a certificate, adding auto-update to "cron"

13.06.2021 Google RECAPTCHA v3

An example of using captcha from Google of the third version

01.06.2021 Bitrix Datamanager ORM

ORM Bitrix

23.05.2021 Links to Bitrix service scripts

Permanent links to the testing, installation script and recovery script on the official site

14.05.2021 Directives robots.txt

Frequent directives for search engine bots

03.05.2021 Date Conversion

Various examples of date conversion

23.04.2021 Getting related records using Pivot Table

Preparing models and getting related records "through" the Pivot table. In the example, we get the related topics of the article by specifying its id.

19.04.2021 Background output of "View Composer"

Background output of dynamic information on all pages

02.04.2021 Changing the location of the "public" directory in the "Laravel" framework

Changing the placement of the public directory of the project

04.03.2021 Artisan creating controllers, models, migrations

Creating controllers, models, migrations on the server via the console

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